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1) Different types of Support Worker Jobs available in UK. Understanding the different types of support workers jobs, may help you to further develop your careers and open choices and possibilities for you

2) The Need for Live-in Carers: This articles explain why people chooses to uses live-in Carers rather than go into a care home.

3) The benefits of Nursing Home Jobs for Nurses: The articles compare the difference between working in hospital as a nurse and working in UK nursing homes Pros and Cons.

4) No Experience Necessary: The article explore the easiest jobs to get when you have no previous experience.  How to get on the Job ladder and get started.

5) Tip on ILET how to get successful score on overall 7.0 for NMC.

6) Permanent or  Temporary Nurse Jobs – Agency Nurse or Working Directly with Nursing EmployersThis articles look at the benefits of working as an agency nurse compared with other types of contracts.

7) Registered Nurse Sponsorship visa Job in UK.  Here you can see the skill and requirements and browse jobs that are available with sponsorship tier 2 visa

8) How to Pass NMC CBT Test for nurses: Lots of useful tips and guidance for nurses seeking to sit the NMC part1 test.

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