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Learning Outcome 1: Understanding your Role

Assessment Criteria 1.3: Describe ways to ensure that your personal belief or attitudes does not prevent the quality of your work in care setting.

An example of how to write a personal reflection

My name is Emma and I work in a Care home for elderly with dementia. I am a christian and I believes that attending church regularly and living my life in according christian values and principles is very important.  At work I works with a lot of different services users and work colleagues who all have different personal attitudes and belief to me.  I ensure that I treat all of my client with respect and works according to what they like to treated.  I also address them using the title they want to be called like MR or Mrs etc.  I support and work with everyone irrespective of their personal attitudes and belief.  I tried to be non-judgemental of each person I meet and work with.




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