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UK Care Jobs Program care jobs program allows you to have an opportunity to join the health care sector whether you have experience in care or not.   The majority of our registered nurse and care work vacancies are around the UK in the smaller rural towns.

Nursing  home employers in the small cities across the UK struggles to find suitable local nurses and care workers therefore we recruit heavily across UK and Europe from countries such as Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and many more.

We can offer assistance with training, full vetting and short term loan to help with accommodation once you have a job.  We also offer temporary accommodation if you need to arrive to UK for interview as many employer prefers to meet you face to face before making an offer to you.

We can offer short terms and permanent nursing jobs. We have a number of vacancies and would like to hear from you. Once registered with us we will aim to find you a post that not just matches your skills, but also take into account you career aspirations.


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