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Registered Nurse –  Permanent or  Temporary Nurse Jobs – Agency Nurse or Working Directly with Nursing Employers

You can choose to work on a permanent nurse or do temporary nurse jobs.

The main difference with this type of jobs is that as a permanent nurse you are usually assigned to one nursing and care facilities and in temporary nurse jobs you may be required to float between 2 or 3 services. Aplus Recruit is one of the UK  recruitment agencies for temporary nurse jobs in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. See Aplus Recruit Vacancies.



The National Health Service is one of the UK largest recruiter for nurses: RGN’s and RMN’s and they can provide real benefits to employees. This usually includes job security, pension, free uniform and professional developments such as training and career progression. An excellent choice I would say, but obtaining a job in the NHS can be quite tricky because they have very high standards. You may need UK experience if you are not trained in the UK, plus a good level of spoken and written English. If you want to apply for a job directly with the NHS then please visit their website NHS jobs, here you can search for vacancies and apply on-line. You can also find several permanent nurse jobs in the UK

Universal Jobmatch website which is a government website where most UK employer advertise their job here you can find both permanent and temporary nurse jobs.  This is a free site which is closely monitored by the UK Department of Work and Pension and its called Universal Jobmatch.

However, the NHS is not the only employer for nurses in the UK. Nursing Homes and Private Hospitals make a great choice as well and can offer real job security and permanent positions. The reason why offers from some nursing homes providers are not as glorious as the one of the NHS is because some the providers are small and cannot offer the same package.

You can usually expect to receive a permanent job offer with a salary ranging from £21,000 to £33,000 per annul depending on the employer, position and your experience. Some employers will not offer you a pension or any other benefits apart from your agency. This is not different to working as an agency staff on contract. However, with many of these small care providers when you join them, you will become a member of their ‘family’. It is small and so there is no bureaucracy, you get to know the owner and if there is a problem sometimes it can be easily fixed.

The only one problem I could see with this situation, is that  when staff is recruited, the law usually gives the employer 3 months in which you can be on probation (this is usually called a trial period) if you are not suitable for the home during this period (or after or even during) you may be asked to leave and your contract will be terminated.

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If you have relocated from another country you may find this difficult, as you will be given very little alternatives. Sometimes, it is not even the owner’s fault, there may be issues with safe guarding of residents. However, from my experience they are many types of services, one service may be difficult for you, too fast moving, too heavy with nursing tasks, or it may be  a mental unit where you have no or little experience. If you have been placed by an agency, then your agency will support you at all times, this would include looking at your skills and offering you a position that is the best for you.


If the job placement is incorrect for you and you feel you cannot manage the work load then you will have to discuss this with your agency and they can reallocate you for the better suited position.


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Temporary nurse job placements can be for any duration of time, i.e. 1 day, 1 week, 3 months, 1 year etc. Some jobs come with guarantees, some without,  you should always talk to your agency to know the exact specification of your placements.


Guarantees would include the minimum hours to work per week, rate of pay and any other benefits offered. You can also ask for a contract from your agency for guarantee you a  placement. Speak to an Aplus Recruit Consultant on +1441302247766. See Aplus Recruit Vacancies




Temporary nurse job in the UK is much different from anywhere else in Europe because we have a great deal of shortage in our hospitals and nursing homes. There are some real advantages of working on temporary basis. Listed below are 5 advantages of  temporary nurse jobs in the UK:

1) Obtain flexibility in your job – when working permanent job you may not be able to gain flexibility especially if you have small children, live aboard or just don’t want to work all year round. Temporary nursing jobs allow you to choose the days and times you want to work and for how long with no requirement to resign every time you want time off work or need to re-register when you want to start working again. Once working with your agency they will maintain your registration at all time.

2) Offer a better pay rate than some permanent work – temporary nurse jobs often offers you a better pay rate, and if you are not getting any significant benefits like pension or self-development for your permanent employer. Why commit to them?

3) Agency and temporary workers gets the same benefits as a permanent worker- according to the UK law Agency Worker Regulation it provides you with most of the same benefit as working with an employer on permanent basis.


4) You can also work Self Employed – if you are working on temporary basis or on contract you may choose to work self-employed. This is where you have your own personalized company, pay your own taxes and are responsible for your own work and can claim for your expenses.


5) Temporary worker can also work as an employees and gain benefits – temporary workers working as an employees for their agency will gain the same benefits as permanent employers as you can benefit from having holiday pay, personal training and development, professional indemnity insurance and many other benefits.


Register with APlus Recruit today for temporary and permanent posts as nurse or health care worker. We are willing to work with Self-Employed workers and those not wanting to be Self-employed.


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